Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birds day out at sea

And here's another one! I made this bird-drawing today. I'm not really happy with the result but I do really like the colours. I tried to make every bird a real character.

This is "birds day out at sea". And they're really enjoying the sea breeze and the sun! But as you can see the sea gull isn't very happy at the moment. That's because blue bird ( which isn't a blue bird ) jus't left a poo-poo at the right side of the drawing. The others don't really care ;)


Joe Karg said...

Lovely image. I love this blog.


Food and Drugs said...

Beautiful. I like it.

Asja said...

this is lovely. i like the colors.

indigene said... lovely!

Sara said...

You actually made every bird a real character.

Michelle said...

How whimsical and magical! Bliss!

Nedda said...

Thanks Michelle ! Happy Holidays :)